Cleaning of floorings, made of hard material

Our specialists carry out the cleaning, restorative and protective works, as well as keeping the floorings, made of hard materials, in a proper condition.

These are the floorings made of the materials, such as:

Cleaning, polishing and waxing services are highly demanded when office daily or general cleaning is carried out, as the glittering floor is raising office presentability.

Within the last years, cleaning companies all over the world, apply the multi-layer protective coatings that protect floorings from abrasive action of mud, from aggressive or colorific liquids, poured out, etc. Flooring, coated with protective layer, gains the shining glitter that strengthens the purity effect.
Dealing with special coating technique that protects flooring from untimely depreciation, allows us to ensure our clients the specular surface for half a year or even more (depending on depreciation intensity that, in its turn, depends on particular place passability).

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Business centers and commercial objects
  • Latvian Bank, Rīga
  • Shopping centers Maxima, Riga
  • ABLV bank, Riga
  • Shopping centers RIMI, Riga
  • Ģertrūdes street 66, Riga
  • IKEA, Riga
  • Jaunā Teika, Riga
  • Business center Valdo, Riga
  • State Revenue Service, Riga
  • Place Eleven, Riga
  • Hotel Park Inn, Kr. Barona, Riga
  • Hotel Park Inn, Kr.Valdemāra
  • Tallinas street 4, Riga
  • SCHWENK, Riga
  • REALTO, Riga
  • Business Center Unimarine, Riga
  • Business center PBLC, Riga
  • Biznesa centrs Astras, Rīga
  • Business center InDi, Riga
Municipal objects and art, culture, sports objects
  • Latgales vēstniecība GORS
  • LU, Zinātņu mājā
  • Exupery Inernational School, Piņķi
  • Biznesa, vadības un ekonomikas fakultāte
  • Jūrmala Golf Course, Piņķi
  • Stradiņa slimnīca
  • Nacionālais mākslas muzejs, Riga
  • LDZ Cargo, Daugavpils
  • Concert hall Lielais dzintars, Liepāja
  • Daugavpils Olimpiskais Centrs
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