Office moving

Move without losing clients

In the time most convenient for you, our manager arrives at your Office to provides you a price quote, based on a thorough onsite calculations, measurements and extra services requested by you. Konwing the price before the move  allows you to plan your expenses and include them on the budget. Our main task is to ensure that your company won't be forced to interrupt its work during the move. 

Getting prepared to move

In order to get prepared, you need to be ready to spend some time to plan the move. But it will be completely on us. We will plan your move by a MOVE PLANNER (checklist). It will let us reduce the time spent on the move and, as a consequence, significally cut the client’s moving expences.

The plan of your stuff location (working place), as well as the list of works to be performed will be set by us and coordinated with you.

Move out

On the move date, at the time appointed, the movers arrive. In case of necessity, before the move starts, all the floors, walls, door-frames and lifts are covered with protective coating. It will protect your property against possible scratches and damages.

In the organized priority, s getting prepared, the loading starts.


Everything is ready for moving to a new location.

Move in

All the possessions are relocated. Movers set about to unpack the borne as well as the furniture mounting. According to the preliminary drawn up floor plan, all the furniture, office equipment, interior objects are set on their places. The order and accuracy are extremely important at this point.

In order to let your office start working at the same day as move, first of all your key workers will be provided with telephones and opportunity to get connected to a local network. Then the works on office equipping will be carried out: the furniture will be fixed up and disposed, the equipment will be unpacked and got ready to wire up, documents will be set in order. On the final stage, all the used up packing material will be taken away.


You overhaul all the moved items and sign in the bill of lading. It would be greatly appreciated, if you leave your response on the move, share you impress and mood, give us your proposals, in order to help us to improve our service. You can use a blank, proposed by moving team master.

The next day

Through experience we know that after the move, some odds and ends may appear, such as some of your employers will decide to turn the tables, someone will be disturbed by the sun shining too brightly and the blinds will need to be hung, or the necessity to hang the screen in the conference room will appear. At this point we also might be useful.

Business centers and commercial objects
  • Latvian Bank, Rīga
  • Shopping centers Maxima, Riga
  • ABLV bank, Riga
  • Shopping centers RIMI, Riga
  • Ģertrūdes street 66, Riga
  • IKEA, Riga
  • Jaunā Teika, Riga
  • Business center Valdo, Riga
  • State Revenue Service, Riga
  • Place Eleven, Riga
  • Hotel Park Inn, Kr. Barona, Riga
  • Hotel Park Inn, Kr.Valdemāra
  • Tallinas street 4, Riga
  • SCHWENK, Riga
  • REALTO, Riga
  • Business Center Unimarine, Riga
  • Business center PBLC, Riga
  • Biznesa centrs Astras, Rīga
  • Business center InDi, Riga
Municipal objects and art, culture, sports objects
  • Latgales vēstniecība GORS
  • LU, Zinātņu mājā
  • Exupery Inernational School, Piņķi
  • Biznesa, vadības un ekonomikas fakultāte
  • Jūrmala Golf Course, Piņķi
  • Stradiņa slimnīca
  • Nacionālais mākslas muzejs, Riga
  • LDZ Cargo, Daugavpils
  • Concert hall Lielais dzintars, Liepāja
  • Daugavpils Olimpiskais Centrs
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