Windows and facade cleaning

Your business deserves a professional windows cleaning! Give our company an opportunity to wash your office windows and we will lead you to the world full of bright colors. Our service will let you evaluate and enjoy the positive changes in your office environment.

  1. We clean all types of windows, including sloping windows (with different sloping angles) as well as fixed windows. Standard windows, show-windows, glass screens, difficult-to-achieve windows … we wash them ALL
  2. We clean blinds and overhangs. Working on height, we do strictly keep safety regulations, as well as internal instructions and requirements, established in our company. Window cleaning is carried out by specially trained and experienced stuff, thereby we steer ourselves as well as our clients clear of accidents.

Trust our company’s professionals to wash your office windows!

Facades and facade glass surfaces are a kind of business card of any building. At the same time, being highly affected by the destroying influence of external factors, like settled down street dust , acid rain marks, road dust, soaked into the concrete, stone or brick, facades are the weakest points.

Cleaning makes the facades look attractive, as well as prolonging its lifetime. For these reasons the surface is covered with special agent, non-soaking in water and dust.

Managing the works in hard-to-achieve places, industrial alpinists are got involved. Highly skilled and trained stuff, using necessary equipment and technique, carries out the cleaning service both to small and many-storied buildings.

This is the reason why one of the most demanded services among the industrial alpinists is the building façade cleaning!

Trust your office/home facade cleaning to professionals that works in our company!

Please request a free estimate or for more information on window cleaning services, call us at +371 67 600 800, or contact us by e-mail:

We will be happy to answer all of your questions!


Business centers and commercial objects
  • Latvian Bank, Rīga
  • Shopping centers Maxima, Riga
  • ABLV bank, Riga
  • Shopping centers RIMI, Riga
  • Ģertrūdes street 66, Riga
  • IKEA, Riga
  • Jaunā Teika, Riga
  • Business center Valdo, Riga
  • State Revenue Service, Riga
  • Place Eleven, Riga
  • Hotel Park Inn, Kr. Barona, Riga
  • Hotel Park Inn, Kr.Valdemāra
  • Tallinas street 4, Riga
  • SCHWENK, Riga
  • REALTO, Riga
  • Business Center Unimarine, Riga
  • Business center PBLC, Riga
  • Biznesa centrs Astras, Rīga
  • Business center InDi, Riga
Municipal objects and art, culture, sports objects
  • Latgales vēstniecība GORS
  • LU, Zinātņu mājā
  • Exupery Inernational School, Piņķi
  • Biznesa, vadības un ekonomikas fakultāte
  • Jūrmala Golf Course, Piņķi
  • Stradiņa slimnīca
  • Nacionālais mākslas muzejs, Riga
  • LDZ Cargo, Daugavpils
  • Concert hall Lielais dzintars, Liepāja
  • Daugavpils Olimpiskais Centrs
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